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We live and breathe digital entertainment and tech. We’re legal and business advisors building a truly modern firm with modern values, technology and attitudes. We give real advice, we think long term, no waffle, no fence-sitting. Come work with us. 



  • Passion for digital entertainment and tech. We talk about and play games together. We're interested in the future of screen entertainment, AI, blockchain... (you get the picture). We follow, discuss and analyse industry trends. We relate all that to our clients. It’s a big thing for us.

  • We value people who are practical, empathetic and think long term. We’re a small, young (founded in 2014!) and growing firm, so we also value entrepreneurialism and self- sufficiency. But we don’t necessarily want to hire people just like us – we’re looking for complementary skills too.

  • We look for a modern approach. We work flexibly (including one day a week from home). We don't wear suit and tie (but we're professional when it counts). We don't have chargeable hours targets. We try to promote diversity and modern values.

  • We’re hiring for lawyers. You have to be a qualified practitioner, but other than that we are open minded as to your background, though we appreciate (and expect you to show) experience, excellence and hard work in whatever you have done (and realistically it is a big help if you are UK qualified and/or based in the London area). That said, we value in particular the following experience:

    • Commercial (business contracts of all kinds but especially development/publishing/licensing deals, terms of service, joint ventures, tech specific matters like SLAs).

    • IP (licensing, clearance, prosecution, enforcement).

    • Regulatory (e.g. consumer and data protection, ad/marketing compliance, gambling).

    • Corporate (company formation, shareholder and director relations, investments, M&A).

  • We’re also open to applications from people specialising in business development and/or complementary professional roles (like accountancy, operations, management consultancy) who want to advise digital entertainment and tech businesses. Clients expect their professional advisors to work together closely – we’re taking that to the next level.




  • Multiple high impact/high value games development, publishing and licensing deals for games developers, publishers, distributors and rightsholders.
  • Helping the developer behind one of the most successful indie games in years to expand the game’s brand and revenue potential.
  • Structuring several of the highest value team and player transfers in European esports in the last three years.
  • Advising one of the largest YouTube channels in the world on everything from music rights clearance to book publishing deals to data protection compliance.
  • Building the esports regulatory and operational framework for one of the big new esports games.
  • Assisting a games company to resolve complex EU-US contractual and intellectual property litigation with the future of a well-known game at stake.
  • Advising multiple digital entertainment businesses on complex regulatory matters including gambling compliance, EULA/TOS drafting and child protection.
  • Providing legal and business support to one of the most innovative and well known games tech startups in the world.
  • Advising a games developer how close it can get to Star Wars without being sued (not very).


We work with some of the best digital entertainment and tech businesses in the world - including innovative indie games developers, major games studios and publishers, top esports teams and rightsholders, leading influencers and entertainment technology businesses.


You know what we’re looking for now - get in touch! You can reach us (with CV/resume and cover email or letter) at hello@purewalandpartners.com