We advise people involved in digital entertainment and tech, ranging from video games developers/publishers to eSports businesses and YouTube channels to app developers.  The firm was founded in London in 2014 by Jas Purewal, a lawyer and business advisor to digital entertainment and technology companies with a decade of experience and contacts from working in the City of London, Europe and Silicon Valley.

Purewal & Partners was established with the following principles:

  • Digital entertainment and tech businesses deserve advisors who are TRULY passionate and knowledgeable about their products.
  • We can help our clients best with business models aligned to their success, powered by the latest technology.
  • Being a good lawyer and a trusted business advisor should go hand in hand.
  • Businesses with global aspirations should get practical, global advice.

And that's now our game plan, folks.  You can read more about the establishment of our firm here.  Or, read on for more about our services...