• Commercial contracts: development and publishing deals, EULAs and Terms of Service, content licensing, joint ventures, international distribution arrangements, merchandising and licensing deals
  • Intellectual property advice: obtaining, protecting and enforcing copyright/trademark/other IP rights, social media and domain protection, industry-specific issues such as cloning/indirect infringement
  • Employee and contractor issues
  • Regulation: data privacy, consumer protection, product liability, gambling and others
  • Dispute resolution: litigation, arbitration and mediation/ADR

Industries served:

  • Video games and interactive entertainment: all aspects of running a games business, including development/publishing agreements, protecting game IP, dealing with regulatory matters like age ratings and free to play compliance and corporate/finance aspects of running a games studio.
  • eSports: player/team arrangements, sponsorship/licensing/merchandising, eCommerce, eSports gambling, IP and regulatory matters
  • Digital broadcast (including YouTube): licensing and content clearance, protecting broadcast content, regulatory compliance, navigating platform terms and conditions.
  • E-commerce/tech: B2B and B2C legal aspects of running an ecommerce operation, including structuring commercial arrangements, IP protection, consumer matters, data privacy and other regulatory compliance

Let's put that in context with some practical examples.  We have:

  1. Renegotiated one of the largest fantasy sports league competitions in the world.
  2. Helped one of Europe's largest YouTube channels to steer the complexities of IP laws online.
  3. Advised UK and EU interactive entertainment associations on a range of legal issues including intellectual property, piracy and policy matters.
  4. Advised dozens of Silicon Valley companies on their European and international compliance needs, from Terms of Service and Privacy Policy localisation to child protection, data privacy and product liability compliance.
  5. Represented a number of digital entertainment companies in relation to dispute resolution matters including litigation, arbitration and mediation/ADR

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