One of the fundamental reasons for creating Purewal & Partners was to find ways of helping our clients to find the best people and tools for the job.  That might mean working with the right accountants, law firms, financiers, service providers or other people who have something our clients need.

OK, that might sound a bit vague, so here's some practical examples of what the "& Partners" bit of Purewal & Partners has been able to do for clients:

  1. The brand protector: a games developer found websites and social media channels for its forthcoming new game were being cybersquatted.  We partnered with trusted trademark attorneys in the US and UK to build a strategy that acquired the legal rights the developer needed to evict the squatters so it could push ahead with its pre-release marketing strategy.
  2. The seed financier: We met a promising new transport tech startup in need of funding.  We connected them with an angel interested in transport.  Magic happened (i.e. the startup got funded).
  3. The translator: a hot Silicon Valley startup was about to go global, with Germany as their first market. How to get over the language barrier?  Solution: we found a translation service with experience of their area, who quoted the right price and fielded the right people.

The point is: we spend a lot of time getting to know people in digital entertainment and tech.  Hopefully, those connections can help you.