Isabel Davies is a Legal & Business Analyst at Purewal & Partners. Her work spans the breadth of the digital entertainment industry, including advising video games, eSports, tech and digital broadcast businesses.

Prior to joining Purewal & Partners, Isabel spent nearly three years working in-house at Disney Interactive and King in both legal and business development roles. She therefore has significant experience advising on some of the top titles in the industry on a day-to-day basis. Isabel is known for bringing a commercial and practical angle to her work, and has particular insight into the mobile and casual gaming markets.

Some of Isabel’s favourite games include Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Ori and the Blind Forest, Pokemon Yellow and pretty much anything by Naughty Dog.

Isabel will qualify as a solicitor in the coming years.


The University of Nottingham, LLB (Hons)


You can reach Isabel at or via her Twitter @IsabelDavies_