Hello.  We're Purewal & Partners, a legal and business consultancy for digital entertainment and technology businesses.  We advise people who make digital things, from video games to YouTube videos and from mobile apps to enterprise software.  The firm was founded by Jas Purewal, a lawyer with nearly a decade of experience in these areas.  One day, he was working in Silicon Valley one day and he had a bright idea.  This was it:

"I should create a new kind of law firm because:

  • I can help my clients better through business models aligned to their success.
  • Digital entertainment and tech businesses deserve advisors who REALLY know and use their products.
  • A law firm should use the latest technology, not stuff that's years or decades old.
  • A lawyer can and should also be a trusted business advisor.
  • It'll be fun!"

That's the game plan, folks.